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  • Zhejiang Well-done Chemical Co.,LTD.
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      About us

    Zhejiang Well-done Chemical Co., Ltd.is located in Chaoshan, Yuhang district, Hangzhou city. Founded in 1984, Welldone is a specialized pesticide manufacturer approved by National Development and Reform Committee and one of top-100 enterprises in Yuhang district, with a registered fund of CNY 21 millions, CNY 180 million of assets, 60,000sqm of lands and 35,000sqm of buildings.

     Through establishing close cooperation and business relationships with famous companies and universities, Welldone now has become a comprehensive research, production and trade enterprise group. Our partners include FMC, Brunner Mond, Bayer, Sumitomo Corporation, Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd, Japan Pesticide Co., Ltd., Nippon Soda Co., Ltd, Nufarm, China Agricultural University, China pesticide preparation process center, and Shenyang Chemical Research Institute, etc.

    With the helps and supports of institutes and universities, Welldone devotes to developing market-oriented high efficient, low toxic and environment-friendly products. At present, we produce 4 types (Insecticide, Bactericide and Herbicide,Plant growth regulator) and 50 kinds of products, which take “Welldone” as registered trademark and are well sold in 31 provinces, cities and regions of China. Now, Welldone is one of top pesticide manufacturers of China.

    Relying on leading producing methods, advanced equipment and excellent quality, Welldone has obtained a lot of honors: we have been approved as “trusted enterprise” for successive 16 years; we are “AA grade enterprise for good credibility” of Zhejiang province, one of “Top-10 enterprise in Yuhang district for caring talents”, “top-10 enterprise for good labor and social security”, “Example enterprise in Zhejiang province for honest business”, “Example enterprise in Zhejiang province for harmonious labor relationship”; “ Tianwang” as our registered trademark was approved as the famous brand of Zhejiang province in 1999; “Welldone” brand was approved as the famous brand of Zhejiang province in 2000; our “Tianwang” and “Welldone” Insecticide series were approved as the famous brand product of Zhejiang province; we got the certificate of ISO9001 quality system in 1999 and successfully certificated to ISO14001 EMS in 2004 (hence, we become the first ISO14001 approved enterprise in pesticide chemical industry of China); we became a “hi-tech” enterprise in 2008 and were titled as “example enterprise in agricultural material industry of Zhejiang province for honest business” in this year.

    Our target, never end; our quality, keep improvement; our creativity, keep pace with time; our service, working for better!

     “Human-orient, learning carefully, working wholeheartedly” is our culture, “our output is following the market demands; trying our best to do our business and do it as better as possible” is our business idea, and we take “not possess but use it” as HR idea. Sticking to such spirit of “be united and struggling, practical and creative”, Welldone is working hard to make new contributions to the development of pesticide industry of China.


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    Add: Chaoshan scenic spot, Yuhang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China    Sales: +86-571-86372687 86311597 86375788